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Peppers & Rogers Group is a management consulting firm, recognized as the world's leading authority and acknowledged thought leader on customer-based strategies and underlying business initiatives. Founded in 1993 by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., Peppers & Rogers Group invented the term 1to1® marketing to illustrate the importance of treating different customers differently, and transformed the concepts into practical methodologies driving financial results for companies.

How We're Different

Thought leadership: Founding partners Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. have received wide acclaim globally for their contribution to the customer strategy field and are recognized among the world's top 20 business thinkers.

Focus: Every Peppers & Rogers Group consultant and subject matter expert is a customer-based strategy specialist. Many Peppers & Rogers Group consultants have played critical roles in either executing corporate strategies or managing customer-centric transformations at end-user companies before or after joining the firm.

Enterprise-wide perspective: By combining deep strategic and functional expertise with powerful intellectual capital, Peppers & Rogers Group meets business challenges head-on from an enterprise-wide view across all product, marketing, and service channels.

Vertical experience: Peppers & Rogers Group leverages the best customer-centric business strategy from a vertical industry perspective, with a strong client base in major industries such as financial services, telecommunications, real estate, government, automotive, retail, and others.

ROI: By aligning resources with customer value, Peppers & Rogers Group helps clients use their existing infrastructure and investments to increase profitability along the way.

Media services: Peppers & Rogers Group maintains a significant voice in the marketplace through its 1to1 Media properties. These print, electronic, and custom publications explore the best practices, trends, and developments in customer-based business strategies, demonstrating how customer centricity initiatives are driving bottom-line impact for companies around the world.

Case in Point

Client: Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Industry: Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment

Capability: Customer Experience Management

Challenge: Shrinking customer satisfaction scores in HP's Consumer Services and Support Americas division reflected consumer frustration resulting from frequent support needs and the slow resolution times. As a result, HP sought to transform itself from a technical support center into a more customer-focused organization.

Work: Peppers & Rogers Group helped HP create tactics designed to close the gap between customer support processes and competitors' activities from a customer perspective. Peppers & Rogers Group and HP identified four areas of strategic focus and 13 associated initiatives based on customers' needs.

Result: Internal HP measures show a marked improvement in customer satisfaction:

  • 13% improvement in customer satisfaction scores during the project.
  • $250,000 in savings from the installation of the voice recognition system. This was the result of an estimated 10,000 hours a month of saved consumer time cycling through multiple menus by consumer.
  • 2-3% attributed lift in the customer satisfaction initiative
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