Creating a Roadmap for Growth

Peppers & Rogers Group bases its solution framework on the facts. And when it comes to getting, keeping and growing customer relationships, those facts are rooted in customer data. We leverage our proven methodologies to identify and differentiate individual customers in terms of value, behavior and needs before we recommend any strategy. Using advanced statistical models, we analyze internal and external data to determine customer profiles that capture needs and behavior. Once we understand the why (motivations) behind the what (the behaviors), we then recommend activities to increase loyalty, predict attrition, anticipate risks.

The Journey to Customer Centricity

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Customer Insight

The Peppers & Rogers Group Lifetime Value methodology treats customer valuation in a broad customer-focused context. We differentiate customers in terms of their actual and potential value adjusted by their churn probabilities. Actual value measures the customer's current and future value if "business as usual" is maintained. Potential value measures the unrealized opportunity for additional value if the customer's behavior were to change in a positive way or in a negative way when churn is likely. Peppers & Rogers Group uses this valuation approach to assist clients in appropriately aligning resources for maximum profitability and growth.



Strategy and Business Case Development

Many companies develop extensive business cases for a new function, product or project with little or no consideration to customer needs and the potential value that can be derived from fulfilling those needs. Peppers & Rogers Group helps clients develop the business case and strategic plan by taking a customer-centric approach to ensure the viability of the new function, product or project. We support our clients through this process from beginning to end including a current state assessment, vision for the future, value creation analysis, transformation appraisal and metrics to measure progress along the way.


Peppers & Rogers Group works with senior level executives in an organization to evaluate how the enterprise can create value by leveraging its customers, offerings and channels. We assist clients in incorporating customer insight into their competitive positioning and aligning the business operations with the corporate strategy. The strategy is based on the creation of distinct customer portfolios that include the value proposition, products and service portfolios, treatment strategies, customization of interaction channels, and metrics for success.

We help our clients prioritize strategic initiatives and forecast potential gains by linking the impact of customer insight with the core strategy. With the strategy defined and the business case in place, we then help draw a comprehensive roadmap for implementation over the course of three to five years.


Business Design

Next we focus on how the strategy will be implemented across the enterprise. This includes distinct initiatives for sales and service model development, customer experience management, channel management, and loyalty and retention initiatives. These efforts align with the business strategy, and also deliver short-term results and long-term customer value.


The customer experience, defined as the totality of each interaction of the customer with any company, is at the heart of any customer-centric transformation. Peppers & Rogers Group leverages its well-defined methodologies in customer lifecycle analysis, future state touchmapping, customer experience mapping, experience-based surveys and other tools and techniques to implement a multi-channel plan that will strengthen the customer experience while it improves operational efficiencies.

Peppers & Rogers Group also helps clients develop and implement successful loyalty program strategies by ensuring the key success factors to be in place. We focus on corporate strategy alignment, attractiveness of the program to the customers, profitability, operational excellence, and proper branding and communication.

In order to generate immediate momentum across the enterprise, Peppers & Rogers Group identifies "quick wins" that bring value in a short time frame. We identify opportunities for immediate cost recovery by helping clients leverage existing technology, change current operational processes and communicate the results to build support throughout the organization.


Capabilities Development

Peppers & Rogers Group helps syndicate the corporate strategy throughout the enterprise with organizational design and capability development programs presented through a customer-centric lens. For example, our Sales Practice makes a difference for clients by taking the customer's perspective and answering a simple question: "How can our client optimize its sales planning while creating the greatest value for its customers?" Using a customer-centric framework and vocabulary, we customize tools like business process restructuring, performance measurement mechanisms, metric dashboards, employee training and internal communication vehicles.


We believe that a sound strategy and focused business processes often require a technology solution to enable the execution of the initiative. While we maintain vendor neutrality, we assist clients business requirement assessment, RFP development, vendor scorecards, and the development of the business rules around a particular solution. In addition, if the technology is already installed, Peppers & Rogers Group provides guidance to optimize results.

What gets measured... gets done... and for over 15 years, Peppers & Rogers Group consultants have been measuring a lot. Working with our clients all over the world, we have developed a proprietary customer-centric metrics dictionary. During the capability development process, we introduce these metrics as benchmarks and goals to help chart a course of achievable and measurable steps.



With the business strategy and underlying functions established, it is critical for clients to create tangible results and sustain positive business momentum. Peppers & Rogers Group works with clients to pilot early ideas, demonstrate results, and then support broader roll-outs. We also help clients complete the feedback loop by incorporating the learning that comes from the implementation into strategy refinement in time.


Our deployment methodologies provide a governance structure for setting the project work plan: enrolling stakeholders, assigning responsibilities to client representatives, and determining the short and long-term milestones of the implementation. Peppers & Rogers Group is then invited by clients to help on program management and project leadership for large scale transformations.

We believe that successful transformation requires a new mindset and new skill-set. To meet that need, we provide a unique, blended change management methodology which is named as ADKAR that melds business and cultural change with extensive momentum building programs, communication initiatives and training and empowerment activities.

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