What Makes a Great Sales Leader?

Event date: June 10, 2015

It's a tumultuous time for the financial services industry, putting immense pressure on sales teams. New research from TeleTech Consulting finds that only 5 percent of financial services sales leaders have very effective sales strategies, and many don't involve their teams or others in creating those strategies. Experts from TeleTech Consulting's Leadership and Learning practice will dissect details of the research and provide recommendations for effective sales leadership and team engagement from a global perspective.


Peter Griffith
Exec. Director, APAC
TeleTech Consulting

Len Patane
Exec. Director, Europe
TeleTech Consulting

Scott Clark
Exec. Director, North America
TeleTech Consulting
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The Future of Frictionless

Event date: March 25, 2015

Customers are gaining more control over the brands they do business with, which technology is only accelerating. New advances allow brands to remove as much friction as possible from customer interactions. And innovative business leaders are even beginning to redefine who owns the customer experience and offer tools that empower customers. The future of frictionless is upon us. Are you ready to deliver?


Doc Searls
The Intention Economy

Don Peppers
Founding Partner
Peppers & Rogers Group

Jonathan Gray
VP of Marketing
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The Digital Transformation Will Be Monetized: The Future of Marketing ROI

Event date: December 4, 2014

In today's competition for customer and prospect attention, the only way to gain real ROI is with the right message at the right time to the right customer in the most effective channels. In this webinar, Michael Behrens of digital marketing firm WebMetro joins Gerry Brown, senior analyst at global technology analyst firm Ovum, to explore how marketers can make the most of enterprise digital transformation and tackle ever-present ROI pressure.


Gerry Brown
Senior Analyst

Michael Behrens
SVP, eMarketing

Elizabeth Glagowski
Customer Strategist Journal
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What's Behind the Curtain of Customer Transformation?

Event date: November 13, 2014

There's much more to successful customer transformation than meets the eye. Customers see the difference in strong relationships based on deep insight and relevant interactions. But behind the scenes, internal operational, technical, and cultural areas must align in order to produce an experience that looks seamless to customers.

In this webinar, Don Peppers and Ron Wince of Peppers & Rogers Group will join Harley Manning of Forrester Research to demonstrate how operational processes and tools enable a disciplined approach to customer transformation. Watch the webinar on-demand.

Good Policy: Personalization Drives Customer Acquisition and Retention for Insurers

Event date: June 10, 2014

Leading insurers are moving away from a traditional product focus to center business around the customer. In particular, there are a number of opportunities to improve customer acquisition and retention ROI by personalizing marketing, sales and service interactions. On Tuesday, June 10 at 1 p.m. EDT, Customer Strategist editor Liz Glagowski will join Weston McDonald, SVP of Financial Services at TeleTech, and Jonathan Gray, VP of Marketing at Revana, as they discuss the specific ways that personalization can drive success in customer acquisition and retention activities for the insurance industry.

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Banking's Most Important Currency: Customer Trust

Event date: April 1, 2014

Providing a compelling and frictionless customer experience requires much more than a good slogan or a flashy mobile app. It requires commitment to customer trust, which is a strong differentiator that fortifies your customers against competitive pressures.

In this webinar, Customer Strategist Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Glagowski will moderate a discussion with Don Peppers, one of the world's leading authorities on customer-focused business strategies, and Weston McDonald, head of TeleTech's financial services practice. They will demonstrate how to convert customer trust into a competitive advantage, whether your competitor is the bank across town, PayPal, or Google.

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Connect the ROI Dots with a Customer Experience Value Strategy

Event date: February 19, 2014

How can your company tie important customer experience programs to real financial impact? By framing the conversation in the CFO's language. A Customer Experience Value Strategy is derived by the insights gained when data analytics are integrated with a customer value analysis to evaluate initiatives along the entire customer continuum.

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Becoming a Psychic Brand: Moving from Concept to Reality to Grow Value

Original event date: December 11, 2013

A psychic brand is one that goes beyond simply understanding customer insight and customizing interactions based on that insight. In this webinar, Elizabeth Glagowski, Customer Strategist Journal Editor-in-Chief, and Ron Wince, Peppers & Rogers Group President and General Manager, present the findings of TeleTech's Psychic Brands study. They will discuss; why it's important to be a psychic brand, details of the TeleTech Psychic Brands study, as well as which strategies, capabilities, and resources will bridge the gap between wanting and actually being psychic.

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Exceptionalism is the Only Option: Overcoming 10 Barriers to Customer Experience Excellence

Original event date: August 15, 2013

As customer experience professionals, why is it so hard to deliver the promise of an exceptional customer experience? This webinar will identify common challenges to achieving customer experience excellence and offer solutions on how to rise above the competition. Jim Dickey, vice president of business intelligence at Peppers & Rogers Group, and Macario Gallegos, vice president of TeleTech's CRM systems integration, will discuss topics such as; the top 10 customer experience barriers, why common challenges persist, as well as ways to prioritize and overcome these challenge.

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Prepare for the Unexpected: How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences with Every Interaction

Original event date: March 20, 2013

Is your business prepared to build customer relationships in expected and unexpected ways? In this webinar, Don Peppers and Ron Wince of Peppers & Rogers Group, a TeleTech company, discuss how to build customer value across four categories of customer interactions. You will get insight into; the strategies around moments of truth, how to encourage employees to deliver on the brand promise, the role technology plays in customer interactions, as well as the implications of competitive differentiation.

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