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With change coming faster than ever, our subject matter experts are challenged to stay ahead of the market and offer insights into "the next big thing" in customer strategy. Peppers & Rogers Group white papers offer our latest insights and strategic perspectives across vertical industries.

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Industry Title Topic
Healthcare Customer Lessons Learned from the Health Insurance Exchange Rollout
A look at what steps can be done to smooth the ACA's bumpy experience road.
Customer Experience
Analytics Measure the Value of Customer Experience Improvements
Customer Experience Value Analysis connects customer initiatives to tangible financial impact.
Customer Analytics
Telecommunications Unlocking Mobile Data Revenue Potential
Research shows that telecom operators can unlock unrealized revenue by acting on the triggers of mobile data usage throughout the customer lifecycle.
Customer Experience
Financial Services Customer Experience in Retail Banking, 2013
Do customer-centric banks have better business performance? Efma and Peppers & Rogers Group present research to answer the question.
Customer Experience
Financial Services Five Steps to Big Data Dominance in Banking
Superior customer experiences and improved internal efficiencies require smart use of Big Data.
Customer Data Strategy
Telecom Global Mobile Data Study Uncovers Youth Segment Opportunities for Operators
New research reveals how young consumers use mobile data in both emerging and mature markets.
Customer Experience Strategy
Life Sciences Unlock Patient Engagement by Building Trust
New research examines the role and impact of customer trust within the pharmaceutical industry.
Customer Trust
Healthcare Creating a 5-Star Health Insurer
A healthy customer experience can lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in bonus payouts for Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription plans.
Customer-Centric Strategy
Telecommunications Customer Experience Gets an Upgrade in Telecom
Succeeding in the converged telecom industry of tomorrow requires that companies master a number of emerging practices.
Customer Experience
Life Sciences The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Transformational Model for Growth Using a Customer-Centric Approach
In order for pharma to participate in the new ecosystem, the industry must not only focus on the patient, but also partner with its stakeholders to improve health outcomes, costs, and experiences.
Customer-Centric Strategy
Financial Services Why Great Isn't Good Enough
Follow along one financial services firm's journey from a great to an exceptional customer experience to stay ahead of the competition, deepen customer loyalty, and increase profitability.
Customer Experience Strategy
Financial Services Mining for Social Customer Gold in Retail Banking
The value of social media interactions lies in combining the wealth of information customers share online with their offline data.
Social Media Strategy
Financial Services Five Ways to Optimize Banking Customer Relationships With Social Media
Banks can infuse social media into current customer interactions to improve the relationship across five customer dimensions.
Social Media Strategy
Telecommunications Making the Connection: Trust Impacts the Bottom Line in the Mobile Telecom Industry
Peppers & Rogers Group's 2012 Customer Trust in Telecom study uncovers new insights and opportunities worth up to $1 billion.
ROI of Trust
Financial Services Managing a Profitable Affluent Banking Model
This white paper examines the profile and importance of the affluent segment, highlights the market forces at work in competition for this customer group, and makes a number of easy-to-implement recommendations for banks in 2012 to best serve this valuable customer segment while also managing costs.
Customer Segmentation
Healthcare Measuring the Value of Trust in Healthcare
Peppers & Rogers Group's 2012 Customer Trust in Healthcare study proves that enhancing trust has real financial advantages for health insurance companies.
ROI of Trust
Financial Services Banking on Total Relationships: Paving the Way for Customer Loyalty
Total Relationship Loyalty puts into action the idea that customers should be rewarded for their entire relationship with a bank. Here's how to do it.
Customer Loyalty
Telecommunications The New Frontier in Telecom Analytics: Get Better Insight Faster
The dynamic nature of today's telecom customers requires an equally dynamic use of analytics to understand customers and make decisions.
Data Analytics
Financial Services Retail Banking: A Transformational Model for Growth Using a Customer-Centric Approach
Customer management is essential for banks to build and maintain strong relationships and a healthy bottom line.
Customer Experience Management
Financial Services Customer Experience in Retail Banking: 2011 update
Research from Efma and Peppers & Rogers Group measures the role that the customer experience plays in building enduring relationships with retail banking customers.
Customer Experience Management
Financial Services A Smart Balance: Rightsizing Your Workforce to Achieve Customer Centricity
Banks can balance the customer experience with proper staffing resources to optimize the branch channel.
Customer Advocacy
General Cultivating Customer Advocates: More Than Satisfaction and Loyalty
Peppers & Rogers Group thought leaders detail the steps necessary to identify, recognize, and move valuable customers along the advocacy spectrum.
Customer Advocacy
Financial Services Trust in Financial Services: The Future is Now
As the future becomes even more transparent, it is critical for financial services companies to proactively protect the interest of its customers.
Customer Experience Management
General Social Loyalty: A New Way to Make Friends and Influence Business
In the latest Peppers & Rogers Group white paper, companies will learn how to leverage the power of social groups and individuals online to build social loyalty and better understand how to develop interconnected contacts and understanding with customers.
Social Media
Financial Services Trust From the Start
Learn how to maximize customer value by building a comprehensive onboarding strategy in the latest Peppers & Rogers Group white paper.
Customer Value
Financial Services Three Imperatives for Optimizing Retail Banking Channels
Forward-thinking bankers who create customer-centric distribution strategies will maximize channel and product potential and outpace their competitors.
Customer-Centric Processes
Government Integrated Public Service Delivery
In this paper, the case is presented for integrated public service delivery as a way to engage constituents, heighten their satisfaction and to achieve tangible benefits for both governments and their constituents.
Customer-Centric Processes
Financial Services The Road to World-Class Customer Centricity
This white paper describes the cultural change management process undertaken by Is Bank and how Peppers & Rogers Group helped in order to become customer-centric.
Customer-Centric Processes
Travel & Transportation A One-Way Ticket to Long-Term Profitability
Airlines must redirect their sights from cost containment to customer centricity to arrive at long-term success.
Customer Experience Management
Financial Services Changing the Channel: A New Approach to Multichannel Strategy in the Financial Services Industry
This white paper discusses how important it is for financial services providers to evolve their business strategy to include channel management as an active part of the value proposition to their customers.
Channel Management
Financial Services Balancing the Short Term and Long Term During a Downturn
This white paper examines what the financial services industry needs to concentrate on to eliminate management inefficiency, revitalize operational discipline and establish a focused brand promise to customers.
Financial Services
Telecom High Impact Business Process Re-Engineering
This white paper discusses how Business Process Re-engineering intersects with a customer-centric strategy.
Customer-Centric Processes
Retail Lifestyle Segmentation
This white paper describes how one company, Koc Group, put behavioral analysis and lifestyle segmentation to work to increase revenue, lock in loyalty and improve the bottom-line across its portfolio of businesses.
Lifestyle Segmentation
General Understanding Unique ID Solutions
The white paper offers strategies for developing customer ID solutions for differentiation and customization.
Customer Data Strategy
Telecom Transforming Dealer Networks
Learn five key steps to transforming one of Telecom's most critical sales tools, the dealer network.
Channel Management
General From Interaction to Profit
This white paper lays out Peppers & Rogers Group's unique customer experience mapping methodology.
Customer Experience Management
General Unlocking the Value of Your CRM Initiative
Learn the critical steps to integrating strategy and technology to establish a successful customer strategy.
Customer Centricity Roadmap

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