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The Peppers & Rogers Group Alumni Network brings former and current Peppers & Rogers Group employees together to facilitate an environment of personal and professional development. Our partners and consultants have moved on to lead customer strategy initiatives at some of the world's leading companies. Others have branched out on their own to extend the Peppers & Rogers Group methodology to businesses of all sizes. Our alumni are leaders, trainers, authors, academics, sought-after speakers, and one-to-one experts.

As a member of the network, you can tap into the collective expertise of current and past employees from all over the world. If you have worked for Peppers & Rogers Group in the past or are a current employee, join our community by contacting us at hr@1to1.com.

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meet: Benjamin

Senior Consultant

My Work: I help clients implement Marketing Strategic Decisions. Although it is difficult to design and agree on such decisions, it is sometimes even more difficult for our clients to implement them. It requires, for example, the ability to communicate with people from very different levels and backgrounds. My latest projects include: implementing new segment specific campaigns for a bank, and implementing a new loyalty program for a telcom company.

My Hobbies: I enjoy diving, sailing, and cooking. I also try to benefit from all of the new activities that are available in the cities I'm traveling to. For example in Doha, Qatar - I started to learn clay pigeon shooting, and dune bashing with ATVs.

My Favorite business book: Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber – it looks like a children's book but it is actually about change management.

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