Guided by a Customer Focus

Peppers & Rogers Group founding partners Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. began their 2005 book, Return on Customer, with this undeniable truth, "The only value that your company will ever create is the value that comes from your customers — the ones you have now and the ones you will have in the future."

At Peppers & Rogers Group we've built our culture on that foundation. Every working hour of every day is focused on helping our clients understand their customers and the value that they create. Wherever we are on the globe — in New York, Dubai, London, Kenya, or Qatar — our consultants are dedicated to addressing complex issues from the customer's perspective and leveraging those insights to create value for every business.

Our core beliefs drive our approach to every project.

Our Mission:

We enable our clients to achieve accelerated business performance by delivering innovative, customer-focused solutions with our talented, dedicated people and our passion for excellence.

Our Values:

One TeamWe succeed because we help each other succeed.
InnovationWe stretch ourselves every day to expand our horizons.
VisionaryWe make both a short-term and long-term impact on our clients' business.
InsightfulWe spark radiant business ideas for our clients and put those ideas into action.
ProsperousWe generate value by ensuring quality in everything we do.
VirtuousWe act with integrity and inspire trust.
MeritocracyWe have a performance-based culture that praises talent and rewards results.

Peppers & Rogers Group is ready to join you on your customer-centric journey. Learn more about our approach to working with clients.

Case in Point

Client: Leading Telecommunications Company

Industry: Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment (TIME)

Capability: Retention Analysis and Prevention Strategies

Challenge: A major mobile operator in Africa provider was rapidly losing market share. Churn rates of 25- 30% were eroding revenue and bringing into question the future viability of the business. The company needed to reduce churn quickly while at the same time decrease the costs of the churn-prevention activities.

Work: Peppers & Rogers Group used decision tree and logistic regression to create more than 50 models to formulate churn prevention strategies. Using the rules produced by the decision tree, Peppers & Rogers Group helped the company chose a specific customer segment – existing pre-paid customers – for a pilot. A targeted campaign to reduce churn was then implemented.

Result: The model enabled the company to identify customers with high, medium and low risk of churn so that they could focus their retention efforts and resources most effectively. This analytics approach has proven extremely accurate in classifying 86% of customers as churners or non-churners. The percentage grew to over 90% for high-value customers.

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