Deep Expertise Gives Our Clients a Head Start

Implementing a customer-focused strategy isn't easy. There are challenges around every corner, so you need an experienced guide. Peppers & Rogers Group consultants have been working side-by-side with clients for more than 15 years. We know what works and what doesn't. Let us put our deep, proven methodologies to work for you.

The global Peppers & Rogers Group team has strong experience across all industries, functional areas, and geographies with even deeper expertise in several key practice areas. These areas of focus serve as centers of innovation, best practices, and new ideas.

Vertical Practices

Financial Services - In this economy, financial institutions have a set of unique challenges. We help clients navigate the shifting landscape to achieve marketing, delivery and operational excellence. Our team has developed a retail and corporate banking capability framework that depicts all the functional areas a bank needs to fulfill in order to turn customer centricity into business-as-usual.

Government - Governments around the world are becoming increasingly sophisticated, translating many best practices from the business world to a public sector environment and designing citizen-centric offerings and experience for its constituents. Balancing short-term actions and long-term impacts to achieve certain targeted social and economic development goals has become the most relevant approach for Governments moving forward. From Insight to deployment, Peppers & Rogers Group services for the Public Sector constitute an integrated value chain. We unite local knowledge with global experience and best practices for Citizen-Centric & Social Transformations. Our teams of experts have developed and applied state-of-the-art constituent-specific strategies, citizen-centric management tools and techniques for public sector, using the public sources more effectively to build targeted development environments.

Learn more about Peppers & Rogers Group capabilities in the Government sector.

Telecommunications - In the telecommunications industry, a break-through innovation becomes a commodity overnight. To get ahead, telecoms need to move fast and be nimble. Our telecommunications practice team has developed a comprehensive capability framework that focuses on product and service development, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Airlines - Serving dozens of airlines all around the globe, our airline practice team understands how to balance operational factors and customer-facing levers. With extensive experience designing and implementing airline loyalty programs, our team brings together new thinking with results-driven rigor.

Functional Practices

Analytics - Collecting data is one thing, actually putting it to work requires a very different set of capabilities. Our Analytics team combines the art and science of business intelligence with quantitative discipline. We are technology agnostic and can work with data on site or remotely.

Cultural Change Management – Implementing a customer-based business strategy requires buy-in and support across the organization. Our Cultural Change Management capabilities help shift your business from a product to a customer focus through organizational design and capability development. We use tools such as business process restructuring, performance measurement mechanisms, employee training, and the creation of internal communication vehicles.

Sales Effectiveness - Our Sales Practice helps companies shape their approach to creating and maintaining effective and efficient sales teams. We make a difference for clients by taking the customer's perspective by answering simple question: "How can our client optimize its sales planning while creating the greatest value for its customers?"

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