Volume 8, Issue 1
Customer Strategist provides executives with insight that leads to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech's proprietary methodologies.


Drivers: A Story of Transformational Change:
A fictional story shares the realities of customer-centric culture change.


The Culture Race Is On:
I just bought a new pair of sneakers (aka trainers, tennis shoes, etc.)


Magnetic Cultures Attract Customers and Employees:
Building the type of culture that attracts both customers and employees to a company is easier said than done.


Tap Into a Surprising ROI Driver: Culture Change:
Leaders don’t need to change their business model to grow. They can change their culture.

Stop, Look, and Listen to the Voice Within:
Customer service can only be as good as the associates who serve the customer.

Employee Culture Unlocks Customer-Centric Potential:
Chester Elton, motivation expert and co-author of best sellers including "What Motivates Me," "All In," and "The Carrot Principle," says employee mobility is changing how managers need to approach corporate culture.

Case Studies

Banana Republic Prepares for the Future Culture of Retail:
Banana Republic implemented a ‘growth mindset’ in order to encourage its leaders to take risks and better themselves within the evolving retail industry.

Champions of Customer-Centric Culture:
Executives at T-Mobile, Republic Wireless, and Avnet—three of 1to1 Media’s 2015 Customer Champions—have all established outstanding company cultures.

C-Suite Strategy

Cleveland Clinic’s Prescription for Innovative Company Culture:
Cleveland Clinic's chief innovation officer Dr. Thomas Graham discusses how innovation is key to a healthy healthcare system.

Proof Points

The Evolution of the Exceptional Sales Leader:
Research from TeleTech Consulting finds that great sales leaders share three sales DNA attributes.

The Hidden Obstacle to Great Corporate Culture: Unconscious Bias:
Many of the attitudes and behaviors of people will be unconsciously influenced. This can be both useful and hindering, so understanding this is paramount.

Strategy Speaks

In Automated Age, Corporate Culture Counts More Than Ever:
Most companies’ self-service offerings are nowhere near advanced enough to be able to deal with all the exceptions and unanticipated circumstances that might give rise to a customer problem.

Industry Insight

Company Culture Defined:
We asked employees in different departments to explain what company culture means to them.

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