Volume 7, Issue 1
Customer Strategist provides executives with insight that leads to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech's proprietary methodologies.


Frank Underwood Serves Up Loyalty Lessons:
Customer loyalty is as fragile as a house of cards.


How Valuable Is a Loyalty Program?:
Despite their benefits, customer loyalty programs themselves don't necessarily translate into loyal customers.


4 Retail Bad Habits to Break:
Despite the industry’s potency, retailers need to break bad habits and rethink their approaches to customer engagement to deliver the kinds of experiences that enchant consumers and keep them loyal.

9 Leadership Behaviors That Drive Customer Loyalty:
Leaders must serve as role models to create an environment where customer loyalty can easily grow.

Take an Evergreen Approach to Loyalty Growth:
Companies must shift their focus from customer acquisition to customer engagement to preserve retention and maintain satisfaction.

The Technology Behind Customer Engagement:
The technology decisions you make will influence the type of experience you create for your customers.

Case Studies

Proximus: From Loyalty to Engagement:
Telecom operator Proximus marries the old with the new to optimize its loyalty program.

There’s No One More Loyal Than a Sports Fan:
Basketball, baseball, and hockey teams innovate to live up to loyal fans’ expectations

Proof Points

Pop the Bubble Surrounding Your Sales Team:
Research reveals the isolated and unclear nature of sales organizations as financial services firms emerge from the Great Recession.

5 Ways to Challenge Your Thinking About Sales Strategy:
Consider five critical areas of strategy development, and ask yourself these questions to guide your own unique sales strategy development.

Revenue Doubles After Sales Collaboration :
We worked with the sales division of a client whose siloed way of planning and operating had created an “us versus them” environment.

Strategy Speaks

Blinded by Customer Loyalty:
No matter what your business is, I can absolutely guarantee an increase to your average customer retention rate.

Industry Insight

Airlines: Where It All Began:
Today’s loyalty initiatives among airlines often sit idle despite increased access to behavioral data.

Healthcare's Loyalty Landscape:
What it takes to drive engagement and retain health insurance members in the age of consumerism.

Gamifying Customer Engagement to Drive Growth:
The next generation of customer engagement and loyalty should be about having fun and playing games.

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