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Perspective Is Everything:
No amount of technology will solve a problem if you don’t start with perspective. Otherwise, you may leave customers dizzy and frustrated.


Customer Service: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed:
It’s not clear whether sophisticated support capabilities will be enough to improve lagging customer satisfaction rates.

The Evolution of Customer Service:
This timeline shows how far customer service has come in a relatively short period of time.


The Customer Service Experience: Make it Easy:
Author and customer service expert Shep Hyken maintains that rising customer expectations aren’t always aligned with improvements that companies continue to make in their service experiences.

Add Start-Up Culture to Customer WOW:
Traditional, or dare we say “older,” companies willing to think differently can apply a start-up mentality to their legacy customer service operations to enhance and deliver the types of experiences customers now demand.

Economic Indicators Signal a Changing Customer Experience Business Model:
Economic shifts locally and globally are changing the entire sector.

Personable Robots: The (Near) Future of Customer Service:

Case Studies

Where the Rubber Meets the Road:
Automotive retailer Bridgestone now refers to the customer as “the boss.” And keeping the boss happy is critical.

Treating the Customer Experience, One Idea at a Time:
Humana's Customer Experience FastStart team focuses on eliminating friction from consumer touchpoints by creating customer-centered processes to accelerate new ideas, products, and process development.

App-Only Bank Challenges Status Quo:
Atom Bank's mobile-only platform is distinctly different than what most people think of when they think of banks.

Virtual Shopping Becomes Reality:
In the world of e-commerce, May 19, 2016, could be considered a milestone. This is the date that the first major virtual reality department store opened, as a partnership between eBay Australia and Melbourne-based retailer Myer.

Proof Points

Customer Experience Moments of Wow:
We engaged 51 consumers, contact center associates, and business leaders via online surveys and LinkedIn to share their own customer experience “moments of wow.” What we found were some common threads among these moments that can influence any business.

Strategy Speaks

It's Not a Generation Gap. It's a Chasm.:

Industry Insight

7 Customer Service #Fails That Yield Insights:
Here are seven customer service initiatives that fell flat or needed improvement, along with the valuable lessons they generated for improving the customer experience.

Simply Put Your Mind to It:
Employees working in different channels need the right mindset and intentions to create and sustain a high-performing, customer-centric culture.

Special Section

Don't Let Your Customer Service End in Tilt:
Here, we share cartoons that take a slice of the customer service experience, both good and bad.

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