Volume 6, Issue 1
Customer Strategist provides executives with insight that leads to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech's proprietary methodologies.


What’s Up with WhatsApp?:
Nearly all business is global now, and there are best practices in customer experience happening in local markets that others can learn from.


Think Global, Act Local:
As companies in different corners of the world strive to engage customers from other geographies, it’s critical to understand local preferences and cultural differences.


Restoring Trust in Banking:
The emergence of mobile technologies and non-traditional banking outlets poses a threat to traditional consumer banking institutions as profitable customers flee to mobile and non-traditional banking alternatives. Today’s banks must provide personalized cross-channel engagement to defend against new competitors and drive profit growth. There are five key pillars of trust that TeleTech believes will improve customer engagement to both grow and retain a profitable customer base.

Mobile World Congress Wrap-Up: OTT vs. Telecommunications Carriers:
Barcelona played host to the annual Mobile World Congress, where telecom carriers, consumer electronics makers, digital players, and others came together to promote new ideas, gadgets, and ways of doing business in the telecommunications industry.

The Small World of Customer Experience:
Customers across the globe are speaking out and speaking loudly—they want a frictionless experience and they need to know that the companies that they do business with have their back.

The Changing Face of Big Data and Analytics:
Big Data expert and author Tom Davenport and TeleTech Analytics Partner Don Ryan share insights about how analytics and customer experience can align to reveal undiscovered innovation.

Case Studies

Keeping Up a World-Class Experience During Transformation:
Luxury travel company Inspirato installed salesforce.com’s service cloud to leverage its member data, improve the experience, and be more proactive with its customer service.

All Aboard: Mobile Loyalty Accelerates Ridership for Montreal Transit:
After focusing its attention on young adults, La Société de Transport de Montreal increased ridership, improved the customer experience, and put the transit agency on the map as an innovative organization that understands the needs of its customers and delivers on their expectations.

C-Suite Strategy

Powering the Automotive Customer Experience:
Customer experience in the automotive industry has certainly evolved since J.D. “Dave” Power III founded J.D. Power and Associates with his wife at his kitchen table in 1968 and built it into a household brand.

Telstra Reaffirms Commitment to Customers, Gains Subscribers:
Telstra's Peter Jamieson speaks about how the telephone and Internet operator is turning customer-focused talk into action.

Loyalty on a Global Scale:
Loyalty programs have emerged as one of the key marketing and revenue-generating tools in the global retail banking industry. Nandan Mer of MasterCard shares insight about how loyalty programs are evolving to meet the needs of issuers and consumers around the world.

Proof Points

Customer Lessons Learned from the Health Insurance Exchange Rollout:
What is the customer experience like for those trying to maneuver the new realities of the healthcare system, particularly with the health insurance exchanges?

Five Opportunities for Improved Payer Experience:
TeleTech has identified five opportunities to improve the customer experience that payers should leverage.

Strategy Speaks

The Cross-Cultural Customer Experience:
It’s important to remember that customers the world over have similar basic motives -- they want some problem solved.

Industry Insight

Know Me Now: The Nuts and Bolts Behind Real-time Marketing:
Real-time marketing can be a boon to operators looking to build relationship strength with the customers they already have.

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