Volume 8, Issue 2
Customer Strategist provides executives with insight that leads to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech's proprietary methodologies.


Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Business:
Customers want to interact with businesses on their own terms when they're out and about this summer.

Art Imitates Customer Experience:
Customer engagement is serious business. That's why we think it's important to step back once in a while and add some levity to the conversation.


Omnichannel: A Quasi State of Readiness:
Few companies have mastered a seamless, integrated customer experience. See the data.


The Plight and Promise of the Omnichannel Journey:
For omnichannel to succeed, companies must first think like a customer.

Six Ways to Add Emotion to Customer Initiatives:
Customers use emotion to guide their decision-making.

Connect the Dots on Cross-Channel Customer Care:
Aberdeen Group’s Omer Minkara breaks down the disconnects that prevent seamless omnichannel customer service.

Giving Omnichannel Strategy a Data Twist:
Mapping what customers value to what a company delivers uncovers the best interaction opportunities.

Case Studies

Best Western Prepares for an Interconnected Future:
Senior Manager of Digital Outreach Lonnie Boutté explains why his role has an expiration date, and why he’s OK with that.

Measuring Customer Level Profitability in the Telecom World:
STC adds a customer dimension to EBITDA to get a clearer picture of customer value.

C-Suite Strategy

Deakin University: On the Path to Digital Maturity:
The Australian university's CIO and Chief Digital Officer discusses engagement with Millennial students.

Proof Points

Omnichannel Excellence Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint:
The path to digital and omnichannel excellence is paved with incremental customer engagement improvements.

Strategy Speaks

Are You Perpetuating the “Omnichannel” Myth?:
The term is widely popular, but subject to many different and often conflicting interpretations.

Industry Insight

What’s Next in Omnichannel Retail?:
Retailers are experimenting with digital dressing rooms, endless aisles, and more as they move closer to unlocking the full potential of seamless shopping.

Strategy and Technology Tag Team on Customer Outcomes:
Customer experience technology and strategy teams work together to create the customer path of least resistance.

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