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Expert Conversation: The Future of Customer Experience:
From automation and simplicity to co-creation and distinctive personalization, experts share their visions of the connected future.


Virtual and Augmented Reality: Empathy Machines:
At a recent Connecticut User Experience Professionals Association (CT UXPA) meeting, User Experience (UX) practitioners and experts had the chance to try out new VR and AR tools. Besides the wow factor, they have the potential to foster emotion and empathy between companies and their users.

The Evolution of Common Customer Experiences:
If there’s a constant in the evolution of the customer experience, it’s that companies are always—and should be—striving to make that experience the best it can be for customers.

The Data-Driven Traveler:
Here are some areas where companies have simplified travel experiences, along with opportunities to further improve those experiences to drive customer loyalty:


2017: A Look Ahead:
The calendar has turned, bringing with it predictions of what customer innovations will dominate in the New Year. Check out our cartoons.

That Was Easy:
Back in 2005, office supply retailer Staples launched its now-famous marketing campaign featuring the Staples Easy ButtonTM. The red button graced many print and TV ads, and it’s still in use as a recognizable brand icon.


Customer Centricity Changes Over Time:
“What is Your Customer-Centric DNA?” is a longitudinal study conducted to understand the state of customer centricity across North America.


Solving for X: Why the Future of Business is Experiential:
Brian Solis, futurist and author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, explains why the future of business is experiential and how to create meaningful experiences.

Take the Consumer Experience Behind the Firewall:
Consumer trends are shaping how companies interact with their customers, and by extension, how companies interact with their employees.

Does CRM Simplify the Customer Experience?:
How should an organization properly deploy CRM to simplify the customer experience?

Automakers Redefine Mobility in an App-based World:
Car makers are looking for new and creative ways to maintain a dialogue with consumers who are less interested in owning a vehicle than they are in the broader concept of “mobility.”

C-Suite Strategy

Sotheby’s: All About the User Experience Since 1744:
Christopher Daly, vice president and head of Experience & Product Design for auction house Sotheby’s, shares how he communicates the importance of the user experience within his organization and leads his team of change agents in this very important piece of the customer journey.

Strategy Speaks

The Choice Is Simple. Or Is It?:
If you want to improve your sales, one thing you might profitably consider is reducing the number of choices you offer to customers.

Industry Insight

What to Expect from the Rise of Chatbots:
The potential for chatbots to enhance customer experiences has companies betting on them as a new way of interacting with consumers, but early examples show that chatbots still have a lot to learn.

Utilities Power Up Customer Engagement:
As competition heats up and more direct consumer interaction channels emerge, utilities can reinvent themselves as the foundation of consumers’ digital lifestyles.

Become Your Own Uber:
What about Uber makes it such a symbol of disruption? And how can other companies tap into its same "human-centric" thinking?

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