Operations & Technology

Enabling Frictionless Customer Experiences

Providing the best customer experience at lower costs is no longer an option in today's business climate – it's a requirement. Profitably meeting customer expectations requires operational excellence combined with organizational speed and agility.

Peppers & Rogers Group is dedicated to helping clients take a customer-centric approach to navigating the complexity of today's business climate while realizing world-class performance. Our broad capabilities in enterprise transformation, process design and improvement, IT optimization and performance management allow us to bring innovative perspectives that bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Through innovative tools and proven techniques (such as Lean Sigma and High Performance Culture), we work hand-in-hand with clients to optimize business processes, build a culture of continuous improvement, and transform the delivery stream end-to-end.

We have a deep history working with the world's top companies – and the functional and cross-functional interrelationships that drive exceptional enterprise performance. Our Operations and Technology Practice helps clients to:

  • Execute strategy effectively and efficiently
  • Eliminate waste and redundancy
  • Improve responsiveness and speed of delivery
  • Improve contact center operations
  • Improve productivity
  • Align IT resources for customer and organizational excellence
  • And much more...

Capabilities and services:

Contact Center Design & Optimization: Delivering superior customer experiences through the Contact Center requires more than strategy on a page or the implementation of the latest technology innovation. For an organization to derive the greatest value from its Contact Center operation, it's important to bring together strategy, process alignment, and organizational readiness. Our Contact Center Design capabilities cover all aspects of service success from workforce management modeling to IVR strategy, complaint handling process design to continuous improvement programs.

Multichannel Engagement Strategy: Customers don't see businesses in terms of channels, products, or service lines. They see one brand when interacting with any aspect of a business and have very specific expectations: the enterprise learns about me and will remember my preferences, my experiences will be consistent across channels, and interactions will be relevant regardless of channel or product. Through integrated strategic, analytical, and implementation capabilities, we offer a holistic approach to designing, developing and implementing, multichannel engagement programs. Our capabilities in journey mapping, data management, and channel strategy design ensure that we can help clients deliver frictionless customer experiences.

Technology Modernization: Simply implementing a new technology platform will not accelerate customer-experience initiatives. The technology must be supported by (1) a well-planned vision and strategy championed by executive leadership, (2) actionable customer insight, (3) optimized processes that are both efficient and customer friendly, (4) measures to ensure adoption, such as training, incentives, and metrics alignment. We help clients ensure that they're deriving the greatest possible value from their investment in customer-centric technologies by bringing a strategic perspective to the initiative, streamlining processes, and ensuring the organization is ready to use the technology to improve performance and foster customer growth.

The Peppers & Rogers Group Promise

Our team includes customer strategy experts, leading authorities on enterprise transformation and performance management, business process design and process improvement practitioners, and has supported numerous technology implementations. We bring deep experience from working with clients across industries and around the world. Our team has designed hundreds of strategies, re-engineered countless business and operational processes, analyzed millions of data records, supported the implementation of numerous technology implementations, and delivered significant financial impact to our clients.

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