Customer Experience Strategy

We lead with the customer

With decades of experience in tackling business challenges from the customer perspective, Peppers & Rogers Group helps companies maximize the value of customer relationships to deliver short-term profit and long-term enterprise value.

Our customer strategy approach is based on Peppers & Rogers's Group's core philosophy: customer centricity is about treating different customers differently.

With the customer strategy defined, we help organizations move from a product focus to a customer focus by helping them align their operations.

Capabilities and services:

Digital customer experience strategies: Digital media now affects virtually every aspect of the customer journey. It requires brands to think differently about their engagement approach and how digital fits into the overall engagement cycle. We help clients apply new digital capabilities in sales, marketing and service to realize the customer experience vision. By deploying digital media effectively, we accelerate sales growth and identify opportunities to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Customer life cycle and journey mapping: We dissect every point in which a customer will interact with a company throughout his or her life cycle, from awareness and consideration to purchase, onboarding, support, and retention. By mapping these interactions within and across channels, we help companies see what's working, what's not, and where there are opportunities to consolidate, streamline, and otherwise improve the quality of the experience at both a macro and micro level.

Customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty design: A good customer experience doesn't just happen. It must be designed around the needs of the customer. We conduct current state assessments of a client's customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs, gathering insight from customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Then, by applying analytical and strategic tools ranging from segmentation and churn modeling to real-time marketing and sales force effectiveness strategies, we provide recommendations for improvements in the future state design of customer initiatives. Or, we can start from scratch, looking through the customer lens to devise and design new programs.

KPI alignment and measurement: Many customer initiatives happen in silos, so the benefit across the business isn't always known and many metrics lack consistency companywide. We help clients determine the best short- and long-term metrics of customer success, then align them to financial and other measures to help show results of customer initiatives consistently.

The Peppers & Rogers Group Promise

Peppers & Rogers Group's legacy is one rooted 100 percent in customer strategy. Our customer experience strategies have been implemented by leading Fortune 500 companies around the world. We live and breathe the customer experience every day, and we bring that deep level of expertise to individual client projects and organizational transformations.

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