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Guilty as Charged: Global Warming Denier

April 1, 2009

Guilty as Charged: Global Warming Denier

If you think that being a "global warming denier" makes me too radical, I suggest you take a look at this past Sunday's NY Times Magazine article on Freeman Dyson, of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Dyson is one of science's legends, truly. And the article is a thoughtful essay on how Dyson has come to doubt the "science" behind the global warming debate.

While it may or may not be true that the global climate is entering a warming phase, there is actually very little support for the idea that this change - IF it is really occurring - has been caused by man's activity. Further, even if it is caused by man's activity, the actual effects of global warming are likely to be more beneficial than not, with crop yields increasing, and severe weather mellowing. Dyson's point is that rather than waste our limited resources on trying to fix this problem-we're-not-sure-is-a-problem, we ought to concentrate instead on fixing REAL problems, such as poverty, malaria, AiDS, dysentery, and so forth.

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