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EXPOSED: Don Peppers is a Contrarian

January 5, 2009

EXPOSED: Don Peppers is a Contrarian

All my life I've rebelled against the "common wisdom" or whatever the correct thinking was at the time, and this is surely a symptom of my vast ego. A person must be supremely self-confident, even conceited, to willfully spurn the collective opinions of others in such a flagrant manner as I regularly do.

For emotional support, I console myself with the thought that only by dissent and disagreement are people able to reconcile divergent perspectives and reach more creative and innovative decisions. This is science. Respectful disagreement is healthy. Doubt, questioning, and dissent drive all business innovation. Genuine economic progress only occurs when common wisdoms are overturned.

The other day, however, my wife pointed out that even though I viscerally reject almost any fashionable idea, being a constant contrarian is itself a kind of fashion. Whoa! With this comment, I nearly ran my Bat-mobile off the road. Could she be right?

She knew I had voted for Obama in the primary, when he was a new and different phenomenon - a poke in the eye for the established order. So why couldn't I bring myself to vote for him in the general election? Was it really the tax thing? Or was it perhaps just because I knew everyone else was going to vote for him?

To test her theory, I have decided to "come out" on this blog, and to expose some of my contrarian beliefs so they can be held up for public ridicule, consequences be damned. (And if this doesn't get a few good blogging discussions flowing, I don't know what will.)

My plan is to put out one contrarian thought every week or so, along with a couple of paragraphs of explanation. Some will be zingers, probably, and some may be yawners, but my purpose is to stimulate discussion, respectful disagreements, and new insights for all of us.

I'll post my first contrarian thought later this week, and it's bound to upset some people. So WATCH THIS SPACE!

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