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March 14, 2016

The Expectations Moment of Truth (EMOT)


In his book, 'X: The Experience When Business Meets Design', Brian Solis divides the customer journey into several key MOTs (Moments of Truth). These are the 'ZMOT' (Zero Moment of Truth), the moment we first search for what we want; the 'FMOT' (First Moment of Truth), when we see the brand and gain an impression of it; the 'SMOT (Second Moment of Truth), when we engage with the experience in its entirety and the 'UMOT' (Ultimate Moment of Truth) when we share our experience with others.

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December 10, 2015

For Telecoms, These Three Automation Benefits Mean a Better Customer Experience

Despite its nostalgic undertones, the term "traditional" used to describe technology now substitutes as code for old and expensive. Rather, the transition to digital brings with it the promise of increasing customer loyalty, and for telecoms, digital adoption could be the industry's saving grace.

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December 7, 2015

Human to the Max

Over the last 25 years customers have become far more powerful and customer service has improved dramatically, as ever more services are tailored to individual customer specs and the overall customer experience becomes increasingly automated and frictionless. Clearly, the "one-to-one future" that Martha Rogers and I predicted more than 20 years ago has arrived in force, and is already re-defining the nature of our consumer economy.

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